For us millennials, the phrase “A cheeky Nandos” is something ingrained into our consciousness. The Portuguese piripiri sauce and chicken combo was an absolute delight to our taste buds and something that we have since returned to over and over again, like a fiend to a crack den. However, no matter how tasty it is, Nandos is not the sort of place you would take someone on a date (unless you are Adnan Januzaj). So imagine our delight when we heard that there was a “Posh Nandos” in town (in the form of Casa Do Frango), that blew the high street version out of the water!

First Impressions

Arriving at the address of Casa Do Frango, I realise that it shares a building with another much talked about restaurant, “Native“. Having another quality restaurant in such close proximity immediately gives me the feeling that this is going to be a great dining experience.

Located on the first floor, the interior of Casa Do Frango is adorned with greenery in every corner, with a large sun roof showering the food hall with natural light. With all the foliage and light, it feels like summer every lunch time in Casa Do Frango.

Once you are seated and ready to get ordering, don’t forget to get an Instagram worthy shot of the decor.

‘ Casa Do Frango brings Algarvian cuisine to London Bridge serving piripiri chicken over wood charcoal and other staple Portuguese dishes and wines. ‘

The Food

Casa Do Frango is a great place to go for group meals because of the sharability of the menu. The chicken comes served already cut into smaller pieces, so it’s quite easy to try all of the 3 flavours available. The 3 different finishes; oregano, piripiri and lemon and garlic are all fantastic. Alongside this, you have a selection of sharing plates and sides to choose from. The African rice is a particular highlight for me but plantain isn’t your thing then the batatas fritas will do the job.

One of the most pleasant surprises when we got to the end of the main meal, was having a look at the dessert menu. It wasn’t your typical overpriced dessert menu, where everything costs a minimum of 6 pounds. They even tell you how many scoops are served up when you order ice cream!

How does it stack up?

8/10 – see our Scorecard for what this means

Food Chaps Top Tips:

The African rice is an absolute treat. The sweetness of the plantain with the juicy chirizo really gets the tastebuds going!


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Food: 9/10

In reality this this is nothing like Nandos. The quality, free range chicken is in a different league to it’s high street competitor. The menu caters well for non meat eaters with an authentic feel of the Algarve.

Drink: 7/10

There is a fantastic array of Algarvian wines on offer, including some “Green Wines”. We’d recommend a bottle of Adega de Moncao to get things started.

Atmosphere: 8/10

We visited as lunch time so although busy it wasn’t as rammed as we’ve been told it can be. Due to the high ceilings it can get a bit loud, so maybe not one for taking the older members of your family to. All in all a lovely experience.

Value: 8/10

Unlike with Nandos, you feel like you are really getting your moneys worth with Casa Do Frango as portion sizes are good, there is table service and obviously you don’t find yourself pretending you want a glass for tap water in order to save some pennies.

The Important Stuff

Address: 1st floor, 32 Southwark St, London SE1 1TU

Telephone: 020 3972 2323

Instagram: @casadofrango_ldn

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