Borough Market is known for its eclectic options, although most of those fall within the actual market. When you take a hop, skip and a jump outside of the market however you can find some pretty tasty restaurants encircling the tourist trap.

Now from these, Padella is probably the most famous with its daily queue around the block, but the Mexican restaurant El Pastor is definitely the most loved by this Chap.

The Welcome

Like most restaurants in Central London, El Pastor is not big on the whole reservations thing. So, you will likely have to wait a small time to get yourself a table during busy times or they may even take your number so that you can head out get a drink at a local pub while you wait. Once seated the interior is vibrant and sweetly scented with the flavours of the menu.

You’ll be offered still or sparkling water (free of charge) whilst you peruse the and cocktail list. But I’d recommend ordering a margarita as a buffer drink in the meantime, as you won’t be disappointed.

‘ The El Pastor family is a small group of authentic Mexican taquerias in London, with tortillas made in-house using heritage Mexican corn. ‘


Now, El Pastor is famed for its authentic Mexican tacos and tostadas. And these are generally served in portions of two, so don’t be surprised if you are ordering for an odd-numbered group. Alongside these, you also can order a range of in house salsas, that range from mild to blow your head off hot (El Diablo).

If we could recommend two things from the anxiety-inducingly good menu, we’d go for:

  • The Chicken Tinga Tostadas w/ onions, jalapenos, salsa and sour cream.

I’m told by pretty much everyone that has ever been to Mexico that you’ve not really tasted Mexican until you’ve been to Mexico. But having sampled the delights of El Pastor three times in the last three weeks, I can quite honestly say I couldn’t care less. As long as London is able to deliver something as delicious as El Pastor!

How does it stack up?

9/10 – see our Scorecard for what this means

 Chaps Top Tips:

Save room for desser. Namely the Chocolate and mole tart (with Mezcal pairing)!

: 9/10

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with this menu. everywhere you turn you are met by flavoursome meats, delectable cheeses and salsas to die for. Add to that a showstopping guacomole and totopos combo and you are laughing.

Drink: 9/10

Close your eyes and pick one at random because, once you’ve had a margarita, you’ll want to know just how good can they make the rest of the menu.

Atmosphere: 8/10

Due to it’s setting within a rail arch at times the volume inside can be a bit much if you are trying to have more gentle conversation, but for groups of friends it’s exactly what you want.

Value: 9/10

This is a great one for groups especially if you look at the sharing options. Just be careful not to get to carried with the cocktails.

The Important Stuff

Address: 7A Stoney St, London SE1 9AA

Instagram: @tacos_el_pastor

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