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Review Rating:  6/10 *

Starring: Michael Bentt

Genre: Documentary

When to watch: When you are feeling a bit down and need to see the resilience of the human spirit.

Plot synopsis:

When it comes to the sporting world, it has always been about winning and winners. But we all know that where there are winners, there are always losers. Losers are the ones that are consigned to the footnotes of sporting stories if they are lucky. If they are not so lucky, they become the headline story. Because the only thing that can match witnessing the joy of winning, is witnessing the despair of abject failure.

The Losers series delves into several different stories of sportsmen and women, who have come through their own unique tails of adversity and boy, have they been through some stuff! From near death experiences to abuse and bullying, and yet they persevered.

The sports covered include ultramarathons, basketball and husky racing, so there is something in there for everyone and no two tales are the same.

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* rating system

0 = Starring Jack Black
1 = Didn’t get past the first 30minutes of the film.
2 = Did not finish the film it was that bad
3 = That is time I will never get back
4 = Piss poor
5 = Good for killing some time with
6 = Good film
7 = Great Film
8 = A future classic
9 = A classic
10 = One of the greatest films of all time

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