Post-apocolyptic Brexit has now been born and it’s a mish-mash of punk and grime. Potentially, two of the most misunderstood genres to have existed in the annals of UK history. Chaotic and aggressive, Slowthai‘s song “Nothing great about Britain”, is a cathartic anthem for a young generation who love being British but paradoxically hate a lot of what Britain and being British has traditionally been about. The tribalism, racism and nationalism that is often inferred.

Now, the man himself. Well, if Tyler the Creator and Eminem had had a love child and moved to Northampton… I imagine they wouldn’t be a million miles away from Slowthai. The Self-professed King of England and “Brexit Bandit” has somewhat of a thespian about him. He theatrically struts and gurns his way through the video. In such a way that you can’t help but think he could have been a Brit school graduate triple threat in another dimension.

The visuals and lyrics are probably enough to provoke raised eyebrows from traditionals and the more reserved. But then there is his no-nonsense billboard campaign. Pulling no punches, the billboard put up to advertise his album, (also entitles Nothing Great About Britain) caught the attention of mainstream media and the average Joe alike. The question that they have to ask themselves is: “Is he an obnoxious young show-off, or is he the voice of a frustrated youth?”. I know which one I’d go for.

Check out the video for Nothing Great About Britain below!

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