Another Space
Offering spin, HIIT and yoga classes in a beautifully bright and airy building, Another Space is arguably one of the best fitness studios in London, both in terms of timetable and facilities on site. (Note: Cowshed products in the bathrooms and a great post-workout smoothie menu helps boost its credentials in our opinion!) The yoga classes are dynamic, fast-paced and promise to make you sweat. You’ll leave the room feeling energised, so not only is it the perfect way to start the day but if you’re not a morning person, it will offer that much-needed pick-me-up after long hours in the office. Some classes take place in a warm room but don’t expect the kind of heat you’ll get at a dedicated hot yoga studio – this is just a notch or two above room temperature to help loosen tight muscles.

SOMA House
Founded by ex-ballerina, Jennifer Hersche, SOMA House is designed for those dedicated specifically to improving their athletic performance. Here, every class is done in a hot room, be it spin, callisthenics, yoga or barre – and by hot we mean 40 degrees of infrared – so be prepared to sweat. When it comes to yoga, the timetable takes inspiration from the elements and each class focuses on either earth, wind or fire as a premise for its practise. The flow classes take inspiration from dance and are choreographed to music, making it unlike any other yoga class we’ve been to in London. Expect a short routine within the hour’s session.


Designed for those who want a fun alternative to traditional forms of exercise, the Frame timetable features classes such as Frame Rave, Dance Cardio and Bend It Like Barbie, as well as the typical HIIT and Boxfit sessions that you’d expect from any London studio. It’s the yoga, however, that we’re in favour of. Working with some of the best instructors in the city and offering variations such as Rocket and Power as well as Yin and Vinyasa, there’s something to suit all levels. If you’re new to yoga then there’s a Basics class that will set you up with the fundamentals, so don’t be shy, but for those more advanced, we recommend booking in to a Power Yoga class at the King’s Cross branch – the studio features the brand’s signature palm tree wallpaper and no mirrors so you can really get lost in your practise.


Originally situated solely in Clapton but recently doubling up on space and adding a Shoreditch location, BLOK is the studio that doesn’t try too hard to be the one on everyone’s radar. The timetable is jam-packed and there’s a huge range of choice, from boxing and core burnout to power and yin yoga sessions. Much like at Frame King’s Cross, the yoga studios are devoid of mirrors which might just transform your current practise and limit distractions. We recommend booking in to a 6.20am class on a weekday morning and starting your day with a full-body stretch and a clear mind.

Fierce Grace

Hot yoga classes don’t get much better than those at Fierce Grace – the main branch of which is situated in Shoreditch with multiple smaller alternatives dotted around the city. There are four different styles of class to choose from and they range from a 50-minute ‘Fix’ (which may be short but definitely isn’t easy), to the 90-minute Fierce Grace session which we’d recommend for the advanced only. The only downfall is the shower situation as compared to the other studios in our line-up, Fierce Grace can feel a little cramped and the facilities aren’t the most modern… but that’s part of its charm – go back to basics and make the practise your main focus.




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