Hip Hop music is still a genre that is dominated by men, and at times feels as though it has a problem with females full stop, let alone female MCs. With few receiving as much praise and attention as their male counterparts. That said there certainly are many formidable female rappers that have littered the annals of hip hop history, Monie Love, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot and Lil Kim, to name just a few.

But like everything in music, we are always searching for the newest sound or the latest up and coming star. And in Leikeli, we think we have just that. The balaclavaed emcee, is young, exciting and hungry to make her mark on the game. Hailing from New York, she is already on her second album, “Acrylic” which was released in 2018 and within her work is a strong advocate for normalising black beauty standards.

How rappers such as Lil Yachty are better known than her on these shores is a mystery to me but let’s hope quality out last hype and she gets the attention she deserves.

Listen to…

Leikeli is not brand new to the scene and has been around long enough to build up a little back catalogue so check out our faves below:

You can see Leikeli47 live in the UK at her show at XOYO on Thursday 23rd May. Pick up tickets HERE.

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